Welcome to my Blog: Who, What and 3 Whys


Hi, I’m Max. 

This time last year I had just moved to New Zealand, where I lived until August. I survived lockdown there (they didn’t have to number theirs) and then travelled both islands when it reopened. 

Contrast that with now. In January 2021, I’m an unemployed 24-year-old trying to start a career in I’m not quite sure what. I’m living in an unfamiliar city and doomscrolling my way through a global pandemic. 

My pandemic projects have been starting this blog and learning the piano. Oh, and getting a job. 

Welcome to my Blog. Me stood in front of a mountain range in New Zealand
Me, back in New Zealand, where leaving the house was allowed.


I’m not really sure what this blog is or what it might become. I don’t have anything to sell, nor do I have any particular expertise. 

There will probably be a fair bit of variety to what I post about, so expect topics such as pandemic life, job applications, rugby, musical theatre and more. Who knows, maybe I’ll find my niche along the way. 


I often say that I enjoy writing and being creative, but I haven’t done that much to show it. So this is somewhere for me to practise those skills, and fingers crossed I will enjoy it after all.

On a slightly more practical note, when someone asks me to send a sample of my writing, it will be nice to have a bit more to choose from.

Why now?

If there were ever a time to document my thoughts and keep some notes on my life, then why not in the middle of a global pandemic?

I’ve got time on my hands and hopefully this will give me something to focus my energy towards.

Why should you read it?

There’s no reason you should read it. There is a lot of stuff on the internet and this blog falls very much into the category of just being stuff on the internet.

But I hope you’ll find something I create interesting. And if you’re a lost, confused and aimless 20-something, then perhaps you’ll find something here you can relate to.

If you do want to hear when there’s a new post, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. And if you want to offer me a job, here’s my LinkedIn.

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